Saturday, February 14, 2004

V-Day 2004

Well this Vday is a little different. Wifey and I are celebrating it on Monday due to the fact she has to work all day. I'll update this later.

V-Day Eve in SF

My boy R calls me yesterday afternoon and poses the following question to me: "Wassup man... are you thirsty?". Immediately I understood... boys night out. I reply as expected "Always". Destination for the evening: a keg party hosted by one of his coworkers. Now I've never seen a keg in California before so I get a little excited. I suddenly have flashbacks from college... visuals of young tenders pumping taps of kegs oh so alluringly, progressive drinking parties where you go from room to room to have a different drink, and of course the throwing up and peeing in strange places. Before I even jumped in the car I could tell I wasn't 100%. I was still a little beat up from the night before and I knew for certain that I'd lose any battle of wits i chose to engage in one. R and I arrive at this an apartment in the Presidio way too early. Everyone is still sober and we immediately feel like party crashers as everyone else seems to know each other. The crowd is composed of 25-28 yr old young professionals. Very close to becoming a sausage party. Let's rid myself of this apparent self-consiousness... Vodka (Skyy)/Cran double. That's a little better... I get introduced to the Information Security Officer of Apple. We talk shop for awhile and he brags that his security department at Apple consists of 4 people. The guy wants to prove that just because they run MacOS stuff theres no need a large group blah blah blah. The dood is egotistic and frankly, pretty fucking annoying. I'm not impressed at all. Feel free to spam him: My game gets sharper as the party picks up but its still way below par. The two chicks that live there are pretty hot. One definitely pullable, the other appears to have emotional issues. I have a pleasant conversation with R's coworker from Hong Kong. 6/10 but really friendly down to earth woman. Around midnight, the party starts to break up and we head out to North Beach to meet up with some other friends.

Wrong move.

They were in the process of entertaining some bigwigs from Mexico City. Big BigWigs. As I initiate a handshake with the head honcho he gives me this whothefuckisthispeon type look before grudgingly shaking me hand. Oh well i shake it off and can tell right off the bat this situation ain't too cool. Ignorant pompous asshole. All good tho... I order some beers and fight the urge to sit down next to his associate, a stunning milf from MC. I sit with my boys on our side of the table and we start having a good time... drinking Chimay and talking about women, cars, snowboarding, etc. I guess at this point I start getting a little wild. Hollering "Haaaay!!" at a couple chicks walking down Broadway. M and J immediately pull me aside and tell me to slow my roll and that I need to be on my best behaivior in front of this snotty ass prick. I do as I'm told... that's fucked up.. but whatever man... Seriously these guys are overreacting and for some reason this dood has them blinded. I mean we're having a good time.. Even the dood's compadres are enjoying my crudeness. And it's not like we're at a business dinner at Piperade or something. We're on the corner of Broadway and Keary and its almost last call... SHEESH.

Meanwhile, sitting near the door to the left of us is an absolutely gorgeous woman drinking with her friend. Asian descent, 29ish, pretty face, cute cheeks, nice thick thighs. It's obvious she's a) single b) making flirtative glances my way c) emotionally vulnerable since she's without a valentine this year. I get up to walk to the front to have a smoke. We maintain mutual eye contact during my short walk. Wow. If i wasn't a) married b) mentally slow for the night c) thrown off by the lame warnings i would've stepped. Man life is rough sometimes.

Gold Club VIP

So my boy S calls me up and says "U down to go to GC?". Thinking I didn't hear him right I assumed he wanted to go to GE, the pool hall out here in SOMA. I said ok but come again?? "GC.. Gold Club" he replies. We haven't been to GC probably since my bachelor party back in August so.. i figure what the hell. Just don't spend too much money!!! As we valet and walk into the club it's evident that the something about the club has changed. Doormen kissing your ass, the women prettier than ever, drinks arriving fast... We find out that ownership has changed and they're making an effort to make the place even more upscale. S recognizes one of the managers from another spot and suddenly we're VIP. We've go the stamps and we're handed VIP membership cards. No cover for me and a guest anytime for an entire year. The place is still not up to my standards though since I've grown accustomed to the gentlemen's clubs in Texas but for SF it's still the best. Also, I probably won't be using it much but still.. it's nice to have. I get a couple dances from a half filipino/white chick 7/10 who keeps hounding me. Her face is ok. Her body slim, taut, and long. She gives me a beautiful dance. Hair and face against my crotch, breasts against my lips, nice circular grinding movements with her ass on my lap. I get hard halfway through the song. She smells so good. She makes me feel like she really wants me. I'm impressed... this chick has heart. I get another.... Afterwards throw her some money abrubtly get up and prepare to leave the club. She's still behind me hounding a little. We're done woman... maybe i'll see u again. Hug. Bye.

Lessons Learned III

1) Assess every social gathering a little beforehand. Although last night's situation won't come up much. Don't forget it. Some people (especially from other countries) can find your actions offensive. Or... more likely, ass-kissers can percieve your actions as offensive also.

2) If you know you aren't 100% beforehand try to do something that may effectively get you there. Visualization? I dunno.. but figure it out.