Monday, December 12, 2005

Fantasy Football Drama

I commish a somewhat competitive fantasy football league known as BJ@XXXXXX.cum. The name of league symbolizes what happens behind the scenes at a popular strip club named XXXXXX in Houston, Texas: you can get blowjobs from strippers when the money and the privacy are right. Many times, these strippers will cry and whine like the whores they are after you inadvertantly leave some nut in their hair and don't tip properly.

Little did I know that this practice of acting like used whores would carry over into the fantasy football league named after the club.

This season we had a whole lotta competitive drama and none of it had to do with fantasy football. Instead, we experienced a whole lot of drama about anything but... One A dude posted an adolescent pic of another team owner dressed up like Ralph Maccshio in Karate Kid. It was cute in my opinion, not at all unflattering but it opened the gates and allowed chaos to ensue...

Homie J, deeply offended, then proceeded to call out A for screwing a cherubic coworker with two kids.

What the fuck??

This is fantasy football my friends. This ain't grouphug.

Nonetheless, these early fits from angst somehow got redirected towards yours truly, the commish. I had A threating to quit. I had J questioning my integrity by NOT bending the rules. Funny shit man...

By the way... I'm in the playoffs. Samkon Gado run player run!! :-D