Thursday, October 27, 2005

I'm pissed

Yeah, I'm pissed. Pissed about the Astros leaving an unheard of number of baserunners stranded and thus get swept in their first ever World Series appearance. Ensberg: how the fuck are we supposed to win a game when you left your balls in St. Louis? I'm pissed that asshole free agent bandwagon fans love to talk shit to me for the sole purpose of pissing me off. I'm pissed that SBC can't get something so simple like automated password reset right.

While the first incident spawned the two subsequent incidents let me tell you: Fuck SBC and fuck these buttmunches doing contract work for them in India.

First of all, SBC's simple automated password reset system doesn't work at all. How hard can it be to design something so ubiquitous in today's technological world that actually works properly? Fuck you SBC... you are cutting too many corners. And when another near-monopoly comes and blankets SF with free wifi (hint: Google), thus effectively diminishing your profit margins I hope all your VPs die and their Pac Heights burn to the fucking ground. Fuck you cunts.

Next, I want to strangle everyone of these Indian low rent tech support reps I get on the phone whenever I have to reset a goddamn password. My problem is not the fact that you get to buy fancy Hondas and Nissans and show off to Sari wearing females because you landed a relatively high paying job. I don't have a problem with your ethnicity nor your desire to improve your financial status. Everyone is entitled to that right. I have a problem with the coyness you display on the phone with me as well as your blatant disregard for making your "customers" comfortable. Fuck you too.