Monday, January 22, 2007

Top Ten Reasons Why We Hate Oprah

From this highly educational site.

(1) Power Abuse and Influence - Spiderman's guardian said it best, "with great power, comes great responsibility". Oprah abuses her power and influence over her audience to sell materialistic items, unhealthy foods, hollow weight loss diets, etc.. all for her own personal gain. These items in no way help people. What's even worse is during the same week, Oprah usually has a show which completely contradicts her advice and promotion. She claims America is falling further in debt because of the expensive things we should not buy, ie. designer clothing, etc... that America is getting fatter (if you go to Oprah's web site, you will see ads for Oreo cookies, and other fattening foods), bottom line, Oprah is a hypocrite, who wears expensive clothing, promotes it, then tells you not to wear it, all the while keeping her ratings and profits up. Stupid house wife stormtroopers rush out and buy whatever Oprah says. Poor husbands all over the globe have no choice but to succum to the dark side and give in to their the brainwashed wife.

(2) Personal Attacks and Shallow Tactics - When Oprah is put in her own place, she uses her show and influence to attack way below the belt. Take the fashion clothing company Hermes. Oprah wanted in after hours to shop. The store was closed. So she called the store and company racist. She devoted a whole show on the subject and attacked the company. Of course because of her influence, sales suffered, so the CEO of the company had to come on and publicly apologize for something they never did wrong. THE STORE WAS CLOSED. Oprah is not better or special then anyone else. Using the race card to reduce a companies profits because of bitterness is PATHETIC and IMMORAL.

(3) Arrogance - Just because Oprah's show is popular, she thinks she is always right. Oprah does not have any degree(s) of education in psychology. She imposes her poor advice always on people, and what's unfortunate is most people that watch her show believe it because, well it's Oprah, and she is rich and famous, so she must be right. How pathetic.

(4) Deception for Personal Gain - Do you remember that show were Oprah "gave" away all those cars?! People thought she was the best! So generous! After all, 276 cars is a lot of cash to give away! 8 million to be exact. Guess what. Oprah never paid for them, she just wanted it to appear that way. General Motors wanted to launch the new Pontiac G6 in a big way, so they stuck a deal with Oprah, yet another clever product placement deal, GM gets themselves a massive market, and in turn, Oprah's image is better than even. Clever deception indeed. Watch her show closely, and you will see all the product placements and clever lines and tactics she used on her viewers to buy her promoters products.

(5) Cultural Bullying - Oprah pushes her promoters culture and her guest's products onto everyone else. She always displays someone's new clothing line, or book, or some product, that rarely provides any relevant use or help to someone's life. Oprah preaches how everyone wants in and that you need it this product, thus of course many brainwashed viewers rush out and buy whatever Oprah recommends, helping you once again thrust deeper into debt. But don't worry, Oprah will soon have another show on American poverty, and debt diet plans!

(6) Celebrity Worship - Actors and Singers are at the top of the American social ladder, despite the fact that they don't actually do anything. Oprah's show used to actually have relevant topics, now its just celebs appear to boost Oprah's ratings, and interject commercial products.

(7) Child Exploits - Usually once a week a child is brought on the show and tells their tales of physical or mental abuse, sexual abuse, etc... What never happens is no real professional help is given to this child. They come on the show, Oprah imposes her poor advice, her ratings are up at the expense of the child, because of such a shocking story, and in the end, Oprah wins in the ratings, and they child never receives any real help. Oprah has even brought on children that have received death threats, i.e. Web cam teen porn kid, where the child's life was threatened if he went on the show, but that didn't seem to stop Oprah from having him come on.

(8) Oprah Morphing Ability - Oprah is so fake. When an African American women or man is on the show, Oprah talks like "Yo, what's up girl", or "Aight ya'll" but when theirs a white guest, she morphs into Jackie Kennedy and is composed and talks so conservative. Just be yourself, and stop changing into different people to fit your demographic audience.

(9) Oprah is a Proven Liar - Oprah said on her show she never did drugs. Then a media company finds out and is about to expose her. So Oprah does a 180 and confesses her drug (crack) use. Then blames it on her boyfriend. Talk about shallow.

(10) Hypocrisy - Oprah is a total hypocrite. One show is about poverty, and how everyone is going into debt, or we're all getting fatter, then the next show its the latest fashion, what to wear to make you look skinny and popular, and of course the $50 dollar brownies to buy, and all your favorite goodies that can be flown, yes by airplane, to your doorstep. Unbelievable.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Jus' Bought a Cadillac

Man i can't stop bumpin this joint. Rich Boy's delivery is hard as fuck.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Fighting the Cold or Flu

Nice post from Crash on TMMB on how to fight a cold/flu:

I choke down as many vitamin C (or, even better, Emergen-C drinks), beta carotene, and echinacea/golden seal pills as I can. This usually kills it within 12 hours; then I take Mucinex to get the mucus out.

I think they only make Mucinex for kids (to be honest, I've never looked for it in the regular cold&flu aisle), but it's a decongenstant that loosens mucus in the chest and actually induces coughing, to help you get the nasties out faster. Otherwise, you can feel great, but still be coughing up strands and strands of mucus for days. Loogies; yum.

Oh, and also - for those of you who are big on taking the spicy food route to rid yourself of excess mucus and congestion - STOP. That is a terrible idea. I know it provides temporary relief, but in the long run, it makes your problem much worse. Capsaicin,* which is the compound in peppers and some other foods that makes them spicy, opens your blood vessels, which is why you seem to feel better - it eases headaches, makes your nose run, gets the mucus out, and can relieve (temporarily!) sinus pressure. However, once the effect wears off, and the capillaries in your now-dry sinuses constrict, your body senses the need to moisturize that very sensitive tissue, and then sends mucus production into overdrive. You'll end up with twice as much boogery mess than you had before you downed all the Texas Pete-laced chili.

*Capsaicin is not found in wasabi, however (the spicy green asian horseradish paste served with sushi), so it's ok to use that to try to turn yourself into a drippy human faucet; you won't get the nasty side effects.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Raising High Acheivers

I came across this this book at B&N yesterday. I found the title interesting yet stereotypical and automatically assumed what was contained in it was probably dangerous. Despite my instinct to call bullshit I made a mental note to read about it anyways. I mean, who doesn't want to give their kids a scholastic edge? Besides, I promise to read it with slight skepticism and tweak it to incorporate some of my own beliefs.

Asian parents secrets in raising high achievers:

1) Instill a love and need to learning and education
2) Instill a sense of family pride and loyalty
3) Instill a respect and desire for delayed gratification and sacrifice
4) Clearly define your child's role as a student
5) Cultivate a respect for elders and persons in positions of authority
6) Play an active role in your child's education
7) Determine and develop your child's individual talents
8) Set clearly defined short-term and long-term goals
9) Teach your child the art of valuing academic success over social status or popularity
10) Reward positive school performances and devise a plan of attack for poor school performances
11) Forget the "Do whatever makes you happy" mentality and strive for professions with financial security and intellectual fulfillment
12) Keep your money in perspective
13) Limit extracurricular activities that interfere with schoolwork
14) Promote an environment of healthy competition
15) Surround your children with similarly minded friends and role models
16) Accept responsibility for your children for their failures at school

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

This year it was spent in our new pad in San Brew. Drankin Tito's Vodka and Budweiser. Quietly bumpin Jawbreaker's Condition Oakland. Wife and kid(s)are sleeping soundly.

Resolution: Stay hungry and maintain focus. You haven't done shit. Do not relax as stakes are high.

From Robert Greene's post on Machiavelli:

Necessity governs the world. This is a thought that finds great expression in The Prince and is scattered throughout his work. At first glance it might seem rather obvious, but for Machiavelli it goes to the heart of everything. When you feel necessity biting at your heels, you are moved to respond in some way that is creative. It is either that or die. When you do not feel necessity, your actions lack purpose, your spirit wanders, you grow fat and dependent.