Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

This year it was spent in our new pad in San Brew. Drankin Tito's Vodka and Budweiser. Quietly bumpin Jawbreaker's Condition Oakland. Wife and kid(s)are sleeping soundly.

Resolution: Stay hungry and maintain focus. You haven't done shit. Do not relax as stakes are high.

From Robert Greene's post on Machiavelli:

Necessity governs the world. This is a thought that finds great expression in The Prince and is scattered throughout his work. At first glance it might seem rather obvious, but for Machiavelli it goes to the heart of everything. When you feel necessity biting at your heels, you are moved to respond in some way that is creative. It is either that or die. When you do not feel necessity, your actions lack purpose, your spirit wanders, you grow fat and dependent.