Monday, January 15, 2007

Raising High Acheivers

I came across this this book at B&N yesterday. I found the title interesting yet stereotypical and automatically assumed what was contained in it was probably dangerous. Despite my instinct to call bullshit I made a mental note to read about it anyways. I mean, who doesn't want to give their kids a scholastic edge? Besides, I promise to read it with slight skepticism and tweak it to incorporate some of my own beliefs.

Asian parents secrets in raising high achievers:

1) Instill a love and need to learning and education
2) Instill a sense of family pride and loyalty
3) Instill a respect and desire for delayed gratification and sacrifice
4) Clearly define your child's role as a student
5) Cultivate a respect for elders and persons in positions of authority
6) Play an active role in your child's education
7) Determine and develop your child's individual talents
8) Set clearly defined short-term and long-term goals
9) Teach your child the art of valuing academic success over social status or popularity
10) Reward positive school performances and devise a plan of attack for poor school performances
11) Forget the "Do whatever makes you happy" mentality and strive for professions with financial security and intellectual fulfillment
12) Keep your money in perspective
13) Limit extracurricular activities that interfere with schoolwork
14) Promote an environment of healthy competition
15) Surround your children with similarly minded friends and role models
16) Accept responsibility for your children for their failures at school