Monday, April 10, 2006

Paul Wall's Girl

Oh yeah the underlying hook consists of an accelerated Oh Girl from the Chi-Lites. It's somewhat cheesy and cliche (hasn't it been done hundreds of times before?). Forget all that shit. Forget the fact they're playing it too much on that damn radio. Forget the topic of a player trying to convince a woman that he ain't really a player. There's more to it than that.

I'm tryin to tell you 'bout your friends hatin
While they be over there complainin I'm just on my grind paper chasin
You got them insecure thoughts in your mind
But instead of chasin hoes I be overtime on my grind
You steady listenin to the gossip in the beauty shop
But all them jealous single females want what you got
They would do anythang to take yo' place
Cause everytime I come around they be givin me that sex face
You ridin shot gun in the James Bond Benz
With the frog-eyed lens on them 20 inch do rims
So why you worried about your jealous so-called friends
I'm just on my grind tryin to stack me up some ends baby
I used to make you laugh, I used to make you smile
And all the while your jealous friends been in denial
I ain't askin much, lil' momma just keep it real
Either you're down with me or not, baby what's the deal

It's strictly about the lyrics and flow. It's almost like Paul improves as the song progresses like he really realizes what's at stake by the 2nd verse and lets the voice of his soul shine from there on out. "Ridin shotgun in the James Bond Benz..." How's a sensible woman gonna turn my boy down after that line?