Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Rockets Draft Wish List

Ahh the eve of the 2006 NBA draft. As a lifelong Rockets fan praying for a resurgence next year I can hardly contain my excitement.

Chaotic and highly unpredictable as any draft ever, this one has everyone baffled --Experts and homers alike. Here's my little Rockets wishlist:

1) Adam Morrison - He'd allow TMac to move over to the 2 and provide us with a crafty wing who can score from anywhere. No more doubling TMac or Yao when this dude is camping out behind the arc.

2) Brandon Roy - Disciplined. Mature. Versatile. High Basketball IQ. All qualities we lack severely. I believe the guy could be groomed into a leadership role.

3) Andrea Bargnani - There are rumors the guy might slip to us at 8. I haven't seen his play outside of a few clips but what I've read looks appealing. He might blossom into a Dirk or Peja or bomb like Darko or Tskitihsomething. Drafting him is worth the gamble.

4) Rudy Gay - I don't like the Pippen comparisons because frankly Pippen sucked during his employment with the Rockets. I have, however, seen his highlights --the dood can fly. Plus, he's only 19 and raw.

5) Shelden Williams - Again, another highly disciplined Dukie. He probably won't become an All-Star but who needs another All-Star. We need someone to take the pressure off Yao and bang ala' Antonio Davis.

6) Ronnie Brewer - I like the reputation as a defensive juggernaut. I like the NBA pedigree (father played in the NBA). Probably too early at 8 but hey I wouldn't be pissed if we reached for him at that spot.

Oh yeah, we better not draft that faggot Redick.

My mock draft can be found here