Thursday, July 13, 2006

Bye Bye Wisdom Teeth

I finally got my wisdom teeth pulled today. It was relatively painless. My wife laughed at me because I kept asking the assistant in my vicodin induced haze "Was that it? Are you sure? You're kiddng right?" There is absolutely no gap in my memory between getting knocked out and completion of the surgery. The last thing I remember was complaining to the doctor and his assistant they needed to increase the nitrous output because I wasn't feeling a thing. Next thing you know, I'm being dropped into a wheelchair missing two molars.

No break in the the timeline continuum whatsover. Amazing.

I feel no pain from the areas where my wisdom teeth previously stood. However, the bottom of my mouth below my tongue hurts a little (you know the tissue that connects your tongue to your mouth). It's almost as if those fuckers took advantage of my unconciousness to work carelessly. WTF??