Monday, October 01, 2007

One Skill A Day

I'm going to try something new to beef up my arsenal of skills before I start looking for a new job. Each day I'm going to learn one new tech skill. The topics will not follow any particular pattern or will not stick to one technical area. Rather, I'll probably jump around between disparate topics. That'll prevent me from getting bored.

In this blog I will type out a brief synopsis of what I learned in addition to key concepts. Some topics will obviously take more than one day to even learn the basics.

If I miss a day I'll will learn two things the next day.

Here are a few topics I want to brush up on:

1) NFS
2) XEN
3) VxFS
4) Performance Tuning
5) IP Subnetting
6) DB queries
7) Basic Oracle Admin
8) netstat usage