Saturday, July 10, 2004

Raw Data

Like the heading implies this one's gonna be extremely raw. For one thing, I'm borderline drunk. Secondly I really don't feel like trying to sound eloquent. Besides... it ain't like people actually read this lame blog. Here's what's happened lately.

- I'm about to be a dad. Yes, I'm elated but at the same time scared shitless because I really have some growing up to do.
(Lots more on this later)

- I've been down here parlaying in Monterey for the SANSFire conference. I've gotta admit I've learned some amazing things
and it's reminded me that hacking and security IS my first love (aside from fine bitches).

Note: this place really sux as far as nightlife is concerned if there ain't no find bitches everywhere. Argh.

- Our little geek conference has been overshadowed by some world renowned motorcycle race over at Laguna Seca. Hella kewl.
I've never realized the quality of hoochies that follow around extreme sports enthusiasts. Seriously, in the past two hours I've seen the finest T&A EVER in Cali (yes, even in strip clubs). I'm talking fine ass semi-trailer park h0ez that looked like Monet Mazur... I saw about a hundred clones of her. Ugh.

- I'm convinced if some of these chicks really understood the power us hackers hold... they'd be jockin us more.

- Ok.. they got this little IPNET hack your azz off for a t-shirt type shit going on. Uhh... Interesting and fun and all but what's fun and realistic about hacking old unpatched boxes for a lame azz shirt? Not a damn thing. It just ain't real world. Any dweeb could do it in their sleep. Shit.

- But hey, I can't hate.

- A drunk party of 3 offered me 50 bux US to drive them back to their hotel. I took them up on it. Their hotel was 5 blocks away. It's funny because I was with a couple canuck hax0rz that actually worried about my safety. awww. hehehe. I appreciate their concern but honestly I can read humans better than I can read tcpdump output right now so yeah I knew they were harmless from the beginning. Trust me I can tell the difference between typical drunkards and potential abductors. heh.

- Is it just me but are Canadian hax0rz really that square? Nice guys tho.

- I really need to get to Defcon one day.

- It really feels good to get 50 bux for doing next to nothing.

- This baby fridge is running out of alcohol.

- Aight, I'm going to bed now. tired. big day ahead tomorrow.

- Late

- 143 babydoll.