Monday, August 23, 2004

Fantasy Football '04

This past friday we held our annual draft for BJT keeper league. Here's the six players I held over from last year:

QB Tom Brady (the two time Superbowl MVP that produces mediocre fantasy numbers)
RB Travis Henry (Willis please get traded)
RB Corey Dillon (This guy's future is in Belicheks's hands)
WR Chad Johnson (el capitan of my squad)
WR Hines Ward (my 2nd most valuable player behind Chad)

Obviously I'm hurting at running back like I am every year. I swear.. any RB I touch touch turns to bust. This year I put an end to this by drafting a solid RB for years to come. An alternate QB would help tremdously as well.

Draft Results and Analysis:

1.05 RB Deshaun Foster ~ After KJones, CBrown, QGriffin, SJackson went (in that order) I had to grab him. I'll admit it was a bit of a reach and I heard it from the haters soon after but this is my gem... this is my keeper for years to come. Yeah I got trumped with the SJax pick right but now I truly believe it was a blessing in disguise. I also toyed with the idea of taking Andre Johnson or Julius Jones here too.

2.05 RB Charlie Garner - After getting trumped once again (AJ taken at 2.04) I had to go with value. Garner happened to be the next dood on the list. The man was expected to in the first round. I have no qualms taking value here.

3.05 WR Jerry Porter - Yup, another dood I had on both teams last year. He suddenly finds himself Oakland's WR1 and is due for a breakout year. Bow down to the best WR corps in the league: chad/hines/jerry.

4.05 QB Byron Leftwich - In my mocks I was drafting this guy in the 3rd round. I decided before my 3rd pick that he had a better chance of lasting until the 4th. I was right. This guy is my gem QB who loves to throw downfield. He's got one of the best Offensive lines in the league and is extremely proficient in the red zone.

5.05 WR Deion Branch - I could've had Brandon Lloyd at this spot since I had both him and Branch ranked equally but opted for Branch for the Brady-Branch connection. I hope I don't regret it.

6.05 WR Kevin Johnson - I had this guy ranked higher that most. While others may not have even had him on their draft sheets I had this guy bumped up pretty high. He enters the regular season as Baltimore's WR1. My boy's got sure hands and Boller is much more confident and accurate. From watching the first preseason game, it's apparent that they've developed some chemistry already.

7.05 RB Justin Fargas - I originally draft Famous Amos here but swapped him out for Fargas soon after the draft concluded. He's somewhat of a longshot but this guy can flat out run and he's got a nose for the endzone. He currently sits 2nd on Oakland's depth chart behind Wheatley, who I feel cannot last as a every down back for long.

8.05 K Sebastian Janikowski - My drunk homie... still has the strongest leg in the NFL.

9.05 DEF RAMS - According to my rankings, these guys have the easiest first 3 games. They just might be the component that gets me off to a strong start.