Tuesday, September 07, 2004

First Offer

So I've been busy as of late. Home hunting, attending various social functions (including my own B-Day shindig), and mental preparation for having a baby has taken up all my time. Not much time for carousing and mackin on hoochies... Yeah, life is rough right now.

And it's about to get rougher. I'm only entering the eye of the storm.

I realized this today when I put in my first offer for this quaint little ghetto condo. I offered a generous 10 grand over the asking. During my meeting with the realtor yesterday I even felt guilty about that. I mean 10 grand sheesh.. i'm getting royally screwed right?

Apparently not.

My realtor calls me today after he presented to the seller and his agent to mention my offer wasn't accepted. In fact, it was trumped by about 30g's. Fucking ridiculous. So I've been spending much of the day complaining to whoever wants to listen. I received the same response from everyone...

Welcome to the San Francisco real estate market.