Thursday, September 23, 2004

Stayin' Alive

With Houston 2 games back, these past few days I've been fortunate to attend two Astros (vs Giants at SBC) games. Both tonight and last night two of my ex-Astro-fan homies have graciously hooked me up. Last night I sat in an area otherwise known as "nosebleed-be-careful-you-don't-get-in-a-fight-area". I was aight it got me hyped and once again reminded me how lucky I am to live in such a beautiful city with a beautiful ballpark (yup you guessed it the stros lost that one).

Today, my homie the crazy mexican somehow someway hooked up with some field club seats (just to the left of the giants dugout about 6-7 rows up). Its funny how much more civilized rich season ticket holders are :). I was lucky witness Bonds approaching the mound after a pitch was thrown behind him and more importantly Berkman hitting a 3 run homer in the eigth to shut up the yuppie crowd. hahaha. Yeah i'm drunk. I can't write right now but I'll be sure to revise this very soon.