Thursday, October 07, 2004

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Once again I've neglected my loyal following of fans... But don't fret, I have concrete and worthy justification for this last hiatus. I'd love to be eloquent and verbose but I'm just not in the mood nor do I have the time or patience. So please excuse my incoherent prose.

The Good:
Once again I put in another offer for a little ghetto condo in the penninsula. Not bad for the price. Definitely a good starter. Luckily I actually won this bid and all looked peachy. Until my lender gets wind of litigation against the home owners association and decides to get iffy and things get downright beauracratic. Deadlines pass, I'm suddenly in breach of contract. Life is suddenly stressful as shit.

The Bad:
In effect, due to this new 3% purchasing price of a monkey on my back I lose my head some and proceed to get into a car accident by smashing into the passenger door of a 3 series beamer who runs a red light. Although she was somewhat at fault by running a red light (maybe maybe not) the adjuster determines I'm liable since it's my duty to "carefully check any intersection before proceeding" as stated in California traffic code number 248702.3832k4. Deep inside I knew it was... but honestly I wanted some rich daddy's girl in the beamer to pay for it. :-P

Suddenly I'm more stressed than any time I could ever recall. But at the same time I'm immune to pain by now.

The Ugly:
M catches me online. Yeah we've been making a little small talk here and there. She's been amicable since her and her boyfriend got back together. We still flirt and tease one another. The sexual tension still exists but just on a lower scale. Until tonight... Tonight for some unknown reason she's especially frisky. She's expressing fantasies about our next rendezvous: Dinner, a bottle of wine, and rough sex. On top of that she says I "better not be one of those making love type of guys". Damn M, If you only knew ;-) I think she wanted me to get her off right then.. but honestly I was a little spooked with my wife in the next room. Gulp.