Monday, October 18, 2004

Typical SF Weekend

What happened this weekend reminds me of why I love San Francisco. Even on a typical laid back weekend certain stereotypes and initial impressions can get shatterred as soon as I leave the house. Friday night, I went out with my realtor and his homie. Every time I've met up with him to look at homes or sign documents he's always sporting a suit like any typical young square with a little money. So I guess you could say I was a little shocked when I jumped into the backseat and he hands me a 40 oz of King Cobra and suggests I try to kill it before we get to our destination (Club Six). My big baller realtor who owns a 600k home drinks 40's to avoid paying a premium for drinks at the club. He also makes it a point to show up early to avoid paying full cover. A little odd... but hey it's pretty fuckin cool too.

Astros tie up the series 2-2 woohoo.

Last night I had dinner drinks with a bunch of Stanford and Princeton grads... Yeah I felt a little dumb. But it's ok.. they can't pull bitches like me.

Oh.. can't forget Rueben Droughns and Detox Tea.