Saturday, May 07, 2005

Cinco De Mayo

Thursday night, my Sucka Free homies G, M, and E met up for a much needed mini-reunion to let loose and act like college-aged keg mongers. I needed it to clear my head. I had been caring for the lil' one by myself for the past week.

Unfortunately I don't remember much since things got way out of hand.

Here are scenes I do remember:

- Rockets baby, Rockets winning by 18 or so.

- Talking hella shit to a group of older black dudes (Mav's fans) every time the Rockets scored.

- Smokin' latina at Jillians that was looked as if her ass and thighs were poured into tight jeans.

- 2 Jamesons, 4 Patron shots, 4 Coronas, and 1 Pale Ale in my body by halftime.

- Eluding the $40 cover and getting in free at Mitchell Bros

- Grabbing a handful of the first chick's ass I saw in there and trying to talk her into hooking me up for free.

- Immediately walking out after I realized I was out of cash and refused to get funny money from the ATM machine.

- Cutting in front of some fat bitch to place some pool at O.S.B.

- Then getting run out on by some Tenderloin pool shark, probably the fat bitch's boyfriend.

- Bumpin' Sam Quinn and Nickatina at full blast in E's Audi while doing 80 on the 280.

- Killing M at Madden with the Cleveland Browns (two hail mary's, two touchdowns) before he turned off the game.

- Waking up with a nasty hangover and a Cinco De Mayo necklace on.

- Picking up my cell phone that I left at M's this morning.

- Laughing because M was still wearing clothes from last night and still had the Cinco De Mayo necklace on.