Thursday, May 12, 2005

The Joys of Shopping (part 1)

Thursday afternoon I crept out of the office immediately after our weekly conference calls and met up with G for few drinks and wings at 4th Street Bar and Grill. Same shit. Order whiskey and beer pairs. Repeat several times. Discuss sports, bitches, and meaningful current events.

I have a dinner planned with some peeps in town for the wedding so I stop at around four or five rounds. G and I part ways and I'm killing time trying to walk off my buzz on Market Street while waiting for K to call me with the name and location of the restaurant.

I notice a Gymboree and immediately think of my daughter. Man, I love my little girl. She's turning three months this weekend and she's outgrown alot of her newborn sleep-n-play suits. In a drunken haze I decide I must get more...

As I walk in Gymboree I notice the thin yet shapely young fly Pinay folding and hanging clothes. She notices me too. I'm strikingly handsome and exude an aura of confidence. Plus, I'm happily drunk. Girl's got no shame. I swear she's undressing me with her eyes as she coyly and flirtatiously utters "hi". She catches me a bit off guard but I shoot an understanding smile back at her.

Back to the mission at hand. I browse the store in search of sleep-n-plays. I find them at the back. Aww How cute. My lil' munchkin will love this stuff. One's pink with ornate lions and the other is green displaying giraffes. All the while I notice this chick's gaze has not wavered. I grab my angel's size in each and stagger to the register.

Her body language suggests she's still into me. Her gaze into my eyes. Her flipping of her hair. She's sexy. She knows I'm attracted but can't figure out why I'm not trying to number close her real quick. I guess she doesn't notice the ring. She asks me a few questions about if I'll be needing a gift box, etc and I say no. Ahhh. I notice the disapointment in her face. Sorry babydoll. I fight off the knee-jerk reaction of trying to let her know I'm still down despite the circumstances. But naw.. remind myself of my whereabouts. I'm in friggin Gymboree and this little hottie has no idea. Morality gets the best of me.

Luckily she still gives me a 25% discount.