Tuesday, January 11, 2005

The Day Draws Near

In a month or so from now I'll be in the midst of some chaotic stressful times. And soon after, a new addition to my life will be arriving. Wow.. Nine months is nothing.

On top of that my boss is scheduling me for projects and right around the time my wife is expecting. Did she forget my impending fatherhood date? Is it because I don't act like I'm fixin to be a dad? Cmon boss.. cut me some slack.

Let's see what else...

Beltran has opted to sign with the Mets. So you know what that means: we just lost two of our biggest impact players in recent years (Beltran and Clemens). According to Beltran what swayed his decision was the failure of the Astros to offer him a no trade clause. As a slugger in his prime stabilty is supposedly critical to him. Whether it was BS or not I have no idea but at least he was gracious by thanking HTown for the overwhelming support then subsequently apologizing. Good luck man.. I ain't hatin.

I have once again steered clear of the gym for the past couple weeks. Ever since I started painting and fixing up the house I just haven't had any time. And no, working on the house does not get you cut up... You just get high off paint fumes and make you wish you bought something new. Nothing can substitute for a good session of lifting and/or a good ole 3 mile run.

We held playoff draft for our fantasy league yesterday. This particular league actually plays through the playoffs and super bowl. Basically the top four seeds hang on to all the players still alive for the nfl divisional playoff games. All other players still alive in the nfl playoffs on eliminated teams get thrown back into the free agent pool. We draft from this pool. It's a bitch to explain... But, since I'm drafting this year I finally made the playoffs (2nd seed in fact). Here's my probable starting squad this week:

QB Marc Bulger
RB Corey Dillon
RB Marshall Faulk
WR Randy Moss
WR Deion Branch
WR Hines Ward
K Jeff Wilkins
D Falcons

Too bad for me I have to face Peyton Manning and Reggie Wayne... Good luck to myself.