Friday, January 28, 2005

Turbulent Times

Despite the desperate tone in my previous post, coolness has prevailed. Sometimes I forget how strong mentally and emotionally I've become. All is good with me.

I just wish I could say the same for my wife. We have a month left and she has completely lost her composure. The tiniest and most insignificant issues have her steaming. She is interpreting everything incorrectly. The attitude she conveys is the worst I've ever seen from her.

I've recently made it a point to change my ways. I give her constant pep talks. I try to be that coach. I've become a 'yes mam' kind of husband. I can't get through to her. As, I'm just now discovering, she just isn't built that way. She cannot deal with pain the way I can. She's just not into trying to improve her psychological mindset.

I swear I would leave her right now if she wasn't carrying my child...

Yup.. it's that harsh. And I've tried everything. But what can I do? Shit. I can't do shit except keep trying...