Monday, April 19, 2004

The Art of Selling Fake Jordans

I found some MJ signed Jordan X's for sale on ebay. Opening price was $29.00 USD. This was the description:

"these shoes are brand new in the box, never been worn or tried on. It has very strongly characteristic of sport. You will full of energy When you possess it. Welcome to sportunlimited ,hope you select satisfied items.Any question please email to"

I've always been astounded by native Cantonese/Mandarin literally translated to English ever since I first read Yao Ming's interviews. It's amazing that they can even make a description for some fake kicks sound like an ancient Chinese proverb...

Used and Abused

Here's CoquetteBitch's latest blog entry:

Monday, April 19, 2004

"history (does not always) repeat itself..."

-for those who do not believe that i learn from my mistakes, shame on you.

one thing that i can admit to is that i tend to act on impulse and sometimes forget to consider the consequences or the impact of my actions. (on some occasions) i have to confess that i am somewhat spiteful. i spent thursday at work contemplating whether or not a vacation was worth the repercussions that lay ahead. as much as i needed that time away, i chose us over myself. i hope my decision to stay leads to relationship filled w/ trust and truth.

Now how should I comprehend this? This whole time I was utilized as a tool. She realizes her "clock" is ticking and she's pulling out all the stops to get her ex to regain trust in her. She fucking used me... again.