Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Bump the Game, Get Motivated

Who says what music you listen to doesn't affect your actions? Yesterday, during a short 2 mile run through the hills in my neighborhood I became convinced that it does. At least to some extent. Drowning out sounds of birds chirping and noisy mufflers were lyrics from The Game's Westside Story.

If you take a look in my eyes,
You see i'll be a gangsta till I die,
That California chronic got me so high,
Game tell them where your from,
Nigga westside!

I was wrapping things up, entering my final 200 yards or so, thoroughly pumped up from new age gangsta rap, endorphins, and excessive testosterone I'm chugging along on the damp sidewalk. I notice two UPS monkeys talking on the sidewalk next to their truck. One jumps into the truck while the 2nd, clearly a dumbass, stands in the middle of the sidewalk--the sidewalk on which I am running. Usually, I wouldn't care and just run on the grass. But this time I couldn't. Certain barriers I won't mention were in my way (The dood was a fatass and there was mud on the left side of the sidwalk). I purposely shorten and put more weight into my strides so the asshole in the turd colored uniform would hear me coming and move over some. He doesn't. He's fucking deaf. He doesn't even flinch. I have no choice. I'm hella pissed. I'm ready to beat him and his friend's ass. I yell "Get the fuck out of the way or I'll knock you on your ass bitch". The fat turd, shocked like he just witnessed a FedEx dood fucking his wife, quickly moves towards the truck shields himself from a possible blow from me. Him and his buster ass associate mutter some crap under their breaths while I keep on running to the finish line.

Man, this Game album is the shit.