Thursday, February 10, 2005

Night Out with the Old Crew

Last night my old school drinking buddies got together for dinner at one of SF's finest steakhouses, Alfred's. The dinner was supposed to happen around xmas time but conflicts kept arising for everyone. We had planned to bring in a bottle of Patron and pay the $15 corkerage fee but R forgot the Patron. That didn't hinder us from going all out like we usually do. We sipped and guzzled sierras, petite syrahs, grappas, expensive cognac between bites of escargot, oysters, lobster, porterhouse steaks. After a decadent dinner we had to keep the night going and hunt down some pretty young ladies ;-)

We started at some little lounge in Chinatown. Red everything. Out of touch dj. A few nice 8+'s. Way too many dudes. We knock back a few drinks. My boy S is gaming one at a few average chicks. The locals seem to be protective over their women. Lame. Fuck this bar.

We end up at our favorite hotel bar. There works the cutest little pinay waitress in SF. Yummy. Not your prototypical long legged shappely gorgeous woman but hot nonetheless, in her own unique way. I have no idea what it is but she's got something that gave us all that feeling... Maybe it's the girl next door style, the nonchalant attitude. Who the hell knows. But it works. She's got us all entranced. I'm flirting. She flirts back a little. I go to far and she's suddenly shittesting me and my homies are laughing. I need to be a little more sober talking to this one. I blew it this time. But i know i can have it with a little ingenuity, persistence, and less drank.

We end up fucked up and decide to call it quits at a reasonable time. Some of us have to be up at 6am. I get left behind at the bart station as I had to fill up my card. As I walk down the escalator I notice S is locked in a heated coversation with some guy. To the left, on the stairs is a very pretty young lady walking alone. She smiles, she stares. And if a chick is going to do that that leaves me with no choice but to holler at her. I blurt out some stuff about her joining us for some more drinks right now or some shit. Suddenly the dude that S is talking to shoots me a dirtly glance and I realize he's either her bf or a wannabe bf. Apparently S approached her first and the bf got pissed. I walk up and do the same thing. The dude should be happy he's got a woman hot enough for two guys to spit game at within a few minutes apart. Sweat your gal for jockin not me.. daym.

Fun night. Probably my last night to go out for awhile.