Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Just Plain Weird

Ok so I posted earlier about the odd encounter at Boudin's this morning.

It seems that was only the beginning...

At the office today I had two instances in which women, although not smokin' like the one at Boudin's, were strangely flirting with me and staring at me like a fatass would stare at a juicy pork chop. I figured it was just my overactive imagination fucking with me.

Same thing on the BART ride home. I felt as if I was magnetic. Bitches just could not take their eyes off me. Seriously, what the fuck?

When I got home, while I was biting into some salmon, my wife stares at me ia similar manner. She even seductively whispers something about what's going to happen after we put the baby to bed. I just shrug off the comment figuring she just wants some action since I didn't give her any last night.

Then she said it: "You know, you look really good in that shirt".

Ahh.. it all makes sense now. It's the fucking new shirt. I've been transformed into Magic Don Juan because of the shirt.

What's even weirder is question of why? The shirt is a very nondescript Izod flannel. Not Izod Lacoste with the aligator but just plain ol' Izod. It does not in any way accentuate my chiseled physique nor is it even designed to. I bought it at Macy's a couple weeks ago because I saw it on sale for around $20 and I felt I needed a nondescript comfortable flannel shirt.

Like i said... Weird.