Thursday, December 04, 2003

Man... I've been sick with the flu for the past few days. Although I really was sick (sore throat, fever, muscle pains) it was fun. I mean what's better than waking up at noon popping some sedatives and painkillers then watching a bond marathon or playing madden all day. I was able to clear my mind and re-tool for what lies next. Its amazing what good can come from roasting on the coach for two days undisturbed.. wooohooo!!!!

Let's see what else...
AJ XII nubucks.. $200.00 DAYM.. definitely the most I've ever paid for shoes. Trust me they'll be worth it.

James Bond - I'm addicted to those flicks right now, especially the older ones. They didn't depend on technology and sleight of camera so much like the last few releases... I'm talking about 'The Spy Who Loved Me' and 'Octopussy' era of James Bond. The era was just more elegant and 'pimp' than the one we live in now. Hopefully I get a dvd volume for x-mas.. hook it up.

Calimari salad - man.. the wife makes a killer one.

Trip to Phoenix - it's steadily approaching.. and yes it will suck azz

Italian Job and Confidence - Two movies I can't stop watching. Can't wait to own.

Stranger from a Strange Land - Reading it again.