Monday, December 01, 2003

Ok had a pretty rough Thanksgiving weekend (or should I say week since I was off the whole week). Early in the week I had a couple tough exams I had to take. Unsure about one.. aced the other... Euphoric from a supposed "victory" i proceeded to party my azz off for the next 5-6 days. Not sure what it is but the combination of hardcore partying, having friends in town and a fat wallet will drain you physically, mentally and of course financially. I'd rather not go over the details but it was pretty darn stressful.. and the holidays are not supposed to be like that. All those brain cells and benjamins lost... ouch.

But hey that's part of life and we need to learn from our experiences (it's never too late). On that note, I'm starting a section called "Lessons Learned". Here's the first installment:

Lessons Learned:

1. When going to clubs/bars plan your appropriately expenses. You as a patron can easily get fleeced. Carefully scrutinize the bill, bring cash, try to avoid being the point man, stay in control especially when out in unfamiliar places.

2. Avoid doing drugs when the situation isn't right or if you are unfamiliar with your surroundings. You never know what type of effect they'll have on you in strange places.

3. 3 days of hardcore partying is your current limit. 4 is doable but it will completely drain you.

4. Try to avoid partying with a huge crowd.. especially if you're the designated point man.

5. Quit picking up the bill every time you go out to eat/drink.

6. No more CC's in clubs/bars. Period.