Friday, December 12, 2003

My boss dropped a bomb on us yesterday. Looks like our group could be affected by the massive reorg that's occuring now until early January. Even though I've tried not to get too comfortable here and I'm no stranger to layoffs and reorgs this comes somewhat as a shock. I realize management is just trying to improve their bottom line and layoffs are the norm for any large profitable business but damn they are barking up the wrong tree... We're a core group with excellent chemistry that's critical to day to day business. We're also all overworked and shortstaffed about 2-3 people. And they want to reduce or dissolve us?? It makes me sick.

On top of that, they're sending us all out of town next week for an offsite. Why? So they can't decide who they're going to cut without any distractions? Man... talk about adding insult to injury.

If i do happen to get cut all should be fine. A new comparable job should be attainable in a reasonable amount of time and rainy day funds should suffice. Nevertheless it stings and has become a source of my concern. It bothers me that I've taken this job for granted at times especially when it has so much going for it: proximity to home, flexibility, awesome manager, etc. I worry about losing those positives far more than financial consequences.

Until we know for sure I'm gonna try to relax and have a good attitude. However I will take a few precautions as well... I must prepare for the unexpected.. or in this case.. the inevitable.

"I'm like Giambi cuz I could go 5 for 5 in the interview room or up in da the club..."
--yours truly