Friday, December 05, 2003

Ok right now some guy is standing on the edge of the one-story building across the street yelling "Help! Help! They're trying to kill me!!" About eight cops and firemen are standing around watching. Now that's carazy. I figure he's bluffing (let's hope I'm right) since if he really wanted to die he would've found a better method of suicide and he probably would've already attempted it. I don't even know why I'm watching this debacle. I'm sure this type of shit happens in this God-forsaken city all the time. I suppose I'm anxious to see how police and fire personnel are going to handle this. I'd probably try to get some sleep but I don't think I'd be possibly with this guy yelling. I wish they'd do something to get this guy down.. but i figure this is their best option. Sending a hero to the roof would probably freak him out and he'd really jump. Setting up a ladder would probably do the same. They've already tried cajoling him into.... Ok i take that back -they've set up a fire truck ladder for the guy. Sure did take a long time... Figured they wanted him to think about it for awhile.

Ok the dood wants nothing to do with that ladder.. he's even moved as far away from it as possible. SFFD.. it's you're move. Here we go again... this dood is crawling all over the ledge yelling. What the fuck? I guess he's just dieing for some attention or something. Ahh shit.. now he's straddled the Harrison Street sign, which is for some reason connected to the building. This guy's suddenly gotten bolder, performing a tightrope act on the ledge. (with an amazing quickness i might add). he looks sober to me. Daym.. i wanted to blog this from beginning to end but it won't be possible. BRB.