Saturday, December 18, 2004

Party at the Wood

Last night G and I met up for some much needed drinking and skirt chasing. The evening started out at an xmas party at one of our favorite SOMA watering holes, a spot notoriously known as a hangout for professional alcholics, pool sharks, and volumptuous strippers past their prime. After chowing down on some potluck grub (spagetti, ham, dim sum) and sippin on about four or five Glenlivets we hit our favorite venue, The Wood.

Line spanned half a block. Full of nice pinay young tenders and even twice as many pinoys that all looked identical. I mean, have you ever noticed that all pinoys between the ages of 18 to 25 in the bay area all look the same? It's either shaved dome or that Steven Segal ponytail look. WTF? How do these hotties differentiate between them? Anyways, I'm in a weird mood walking into the place. I feel out of my element. The majority of the crowd is young. I don't know a soul up in here... Bypassing the long-ass line and getting love from the bouncers while hundreds of haters witness don't make me feel any better. Even captivating glances from pretty junior varsity women don't help.

I must work on controlling my state.

Later in the evening I start to get loose. I see an old friend who was accompanied by a small entourage. Especially a cute Peruvian chick. She's drunk and she's diggin my style. She's trying to entice me. Instinctively, I begin spitting some serious game. I guess people noticed and in no time I'm surrounded by cock blockers. My old friend drags her off to the dance floor. Hahaha. It's all good.

I open another sexy hoodrat with a comment about her tattoo we go into some small talk about her interesting name She's responsive and it's obvious she's interested. But I just run out of shit to say. Honesly, I've forotten how to talk to women around that age.

Overall it was fun... I could get the hang of this ;-)