Thursday, December 30, 2004

So this week I've been lucky to be off from work. I accomplished a few things: painted the living room, downloaded some songs, etc but I still feel like my time could've been better spent. The abode is still far from being ready for us, not to mention ready for a rambunctious newborn. Argh. I really need to manage my time better and work smarter instead of harder.

Speaking of not working smart, a contractor was over here today to install a new dishwasher, faucet, and to fix the closet In 5-6 hours he only managed to install the dishwasher and get it working. And although it works and appears to run properly the damn thing still isn't mounted properly. In all that time that's all he could manage to do... Shit. I could've installed it myself in 3 hours if I tried. Hopefully he can finish up tomorrow in less than 8 hrs...

Tonight, my boy P is in town with his new gf and we're all supposed to go out for dinner and cocktails. Usually when he's in town we tend to go out of control... drinking and strip clubs, etc... but after he called me from the hotel I can already tell this year's gonna be different. It sounds like he's toned it down big time. I don't give a fuck... I'm going to be my usual self.