Monday, April 25, 2005

Case of the Mondays

Woke up at 1PM PST today and jumped on a conference call in which I was accused of failing to perform certain specified tasks. As a result these said specified tasks will be "put on the back burner" until we get another FTE. Fuck you punk ass project manager. If these said specified tasks were clearly stated and requested properly through the proper buearacratic channels they would've been completed. Eat a dick you faggity ass loser.

Didn't leave this 700 ft (but 350k-valued) condo. Not once. Fuck the Bay Area real estate market.

Got my balls busted for one wrong prediction I made (see previous post). Jeah, so I'm wrong once in my life. Jordan missed more shots in his best game than I've been wrong this year. When you get some nuts and quit following popular opinion because it makes you right 50% of the time you can say something, you fuckin' tool.

Wifey bitched about unwashed dishes in the sink after she got home. *smirk*. Woman, you try entertaining the defiant one while sweating the Rockets game and trying to decrypt ssl passwords for loser dba's.

To the defiant one: I love you. You're such a darling angel. I take all this shit for you. Any day. Fuck the rest.