Tuesday, April 19, 2005

I can dream right

These days are the happiest of my young life. I've found energy and tunnel vision I've never knew existed. Problem is it just feels sooo different. I'm used to a routine. And I'm used to deviating from it whenever I fuckin feel like it as well.

Unfortunately, I don't have either luxury. I've got hella shit to process but no time to devote to the tasks. And since I'm backed up like Oprah's fat ass I can't afford to hesitate much less blink. Ever.

I'm surrounded by chaos. A chaos that knows no bounds and even worse, there's no time to develop a system of caging up new information to parse and collate. I can't process results of the neverending logs and debug output. There's just no time. Not enough man power. Sometimes you think you have time to spare to straighten it up but its all an illusion.

But what's ironic is... I truly enjoy it more than anything. It's far from mundane. It keeps me on my toes. Regardless of the fact that I really work around twenty hours a week, and I haven't had thiry minutes to catch an entire broadcast of Sportcenter, and the fact that I haven't had spare time to shoot a relaxing game of 9-ball, it's completely and utterly worth it. Her smile can attest to that.