Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Today Was A Good Day

Today was one of those rare days I got to do a little of everything. Wifey had a doctor appointment in the morning so I was left to take care of the little hellraiser (from heaven). After changing and feeding her I queued up some New Order and Andre Nickatina and danced around with her for an hour or so. There's nothing better than to start your day off with some good ol' new wave and vintage gangsta rap. Besides, I figure it's good to change things up a bit. She already gets a heavy dosage of Chopin and Mozart in the evening hours.

K's running late and I'm getting sweaty from my workout so I put the munchkin in her little Baby Enstein. She's diggin it... staring at the flashing lights and prehistoric birds hanging from the rings. I'm diggin it since I finally get to cool off and eat some cereal. As I grub I watch my little bundle of joy become enlightened by the funny contraption. I also get to do some email and return various phone calls.

Finally K gets home and I bart into the city around 2:45. Swweeet!! A couple of my coworkers are in. They don't really notice I arrive. They don't really care as they probably just arrived themselves. We all hang out and shoot the shit while working on various low pressure tasks. Around 5:45, I'm bored. I got a ton of shit done. And since it's all about results and not visibility I'm out the door.

I meet up with G for a quick dinner and a couple of beers (ok- two beers and three jamesons). I don't get out much often any more so I guess I've learned to make the most of these elusive opportunities. I'm ordering drinks effiecently (two at a time). I'm striking up quick coversations with women here for a company function (none worth blogging about). And, I eat fast while watching five different games on the big screens. G's got a 7:30 pool tourney so we're out of there around 7:15 buzzed and happily content. I hop on bart and by the time I arrive at my stop the alcohol has worn off yet I feel surprisingly refreshed. Ready for whatever the munchkin wants to do...