Tuesday, June 01, 2004

I'm Back

What can I say other than it feels good to have that monkey off my back.

Did I do well?

Who knows. Who cares. Those damn exams are behind me know and there's nothing I can do to improve my scores now. I refuse to let thoughts of pending grades occupy my mind.

Immediately after my last exam I wandered around Berkeley trying to find a bar to unwind in. To my dismay all I could find were annoying coffee houses full of pretentious intellectuals babbling about politics and listening to whiny classical music. Nothing wrong with that but I wanted to get down. Screw having a beer in one of those spots. I guess I was just on the wrong side of campus. I just said fuck it, and hopped on a BART train back into the city. I got home and poured myself a nice wholesome serving of Laphroaig (neat) and flipped through my contact list to find someone who wanted to party at 3pm. I meet with my homies E and S up at the GE and start drinking. After a couple drinks we realize the place was a little to tame for our appetite so we hit up another spot in the Tenderloin.

Long story short, I drank about 18 Becks and Heineys, 3 nasty lemon drop shots and several healthy lines of Columbia's best export. I vaguely remember macking to the hottest chick in the whole place (a 7 at best) and feeling hella stupid afterwards. I didn't give a fuck since I was too drunk. She'll be there next time anyways.