Monday, June 07, 2004

Lakers Lay Down in Game 1

Did I call it or what? Shit, even with my bold prediction I still may have underestimated Detoit...

Last night, I witnessed a display of courage and heart as the Detroit Pistons dominated the Lakers in ways most wouldn't have believed possible. Can you believe they scored more in this game than in any game in the Indy series? Can you belive they held the Lakers' 3rd leading scorer to 5 points?? I know it's only Game 1 and it's way to early too start celebrating that that asshole Karl Malone will never get a ring but you really have to give the Pistons credit. They really bent over LA and didn't quit pounding until the final buzzer went off and the score read 87-75 Pistons. Afterwards, the Shaq and the boys could only shake their heads in disbelief. BWAHAHAHAHA!!!