Tuesday, June 22, 2004

TMac a Rocket

Yup... You guessed it, I'm bitter but I also hope I'm wrong.

All my friends, rockets fans and haters alike, cannot understand why the hell I'd be against this deal. My arguments about TMac being a selfish and gutless player bear no fruit whatsover it seems. They all think I'm just talkin' smack just to be a rebel of poplular opinion. I can't blame them either as I have in the past made some pretty outlandish claims and have opposed the opinions of bandwagoners everwhere.

Remember when the Rockets took a chance on Scotty Pippen? I do. Rox fans at bars on Westheimer were yelling shit like "Yo, we got Scotty Pimpin". I also remember being fervently against it. I alredy suspected that an overrated half-assed player without his All-Universe sidekick would amount to nothing.

Prior to this NBA season, I laughed at the idiocy of the Lakers who brought in aging all-stars like Malone and Payton to win a title. I figured that GMs would've learned by now that a bunch of stars on a team doesn't correlate to winning championships. Yup, I was right about that one too.

Look at this year's champs, the Detroit Pistons. Aside from Ben Wallace do you see any other all stars on that squad? Do you see any flashy prima donnas? Hell no. What you have is a core group of overachivers with a lot of heart and the right chemistry between them. That's what wins rings son.

Again that's why I'm strongly opposed to this deal. It doesn't make sense because it really doesn't make us better. It doesn't fill the holes. We still don't have a quality Power Forward that will bang and take pressure off Yao. Now we have a backcourt of backcourt of Lue and JJ?? That's gotta be one of the leagues's worst.

Yeah, Francis and Mobley have been turnover prone and have gotten caught up in playing "streetball" more often than fans would have liked BUT... they have also given 110% in every minute of every game. They have never been criticized of half-assed lazy play on the court. They have taken responsibility for team losses and their own mistakes. There's no denying their lack of will to win games. It was evident in the playoffs that they had matured and grown under Van Gundy's teachings.

I'm not even going to bust on TMac, Juwon, and Lue (the one with the most heart) because I feel it's only right I give them a fair shot. Besides, its totally pointless as I'm always going to be a Rox fan... No matter what.

Bottom line is, the improvment shown by our backcourt wasn't enough for the Rockets front office. Something had to be done, even if it doesn't make sense at all. It's the H-Town way.

For non-Houston residents it's really hard to understand our mentality. You see, H-Town, Texas is the least expensive metropolis in the country to live in. We get the most bang for our buck down there. We can floss a new Benz and a Mansion on a 50k salary. If our Prada and Dolce and Gabbana gear ain't the latest and greatest we throw it out and hit the Galleria to pick up the stuff that is. Then we holler to the rest of our peers... You ain't up on this, biatch!!! It's all really pointless and illogical but it's flossin... and to us flossin is all that really matters.

We use the same approach when dealing with our professional sports teams. To us crazed Rockets fans losing in the first round of the playoffs is unacceptable, especially after such a long drought. TMac's demand for a trade from, Orlando provided the perfect opportunity to bring in some new flossin' material. That's just how we do it.