Monday, June 21, 2004

Juarez 2004

I realized I needed a copy of the latest Symantec Ghost and I really didn't feel like paying $299 for something I was going to use once or twice for the next two years.

I decide to hit up my homie T, purveyor of the finest 0-day warez on the planet. For the past 3-4 years he's been hooking me up and has never asked for anything in return. An overall good guy. I've always known he was probably some capo for some dangerous warez trafficing mafia but never I bothered to inquire. Besides, if he told me he'd probably have to kill me. The conversation went like this:

sun: I know I ask you this every year but do you have a copy of the new Symantec Ghost? Thanks playa.

T: Hahaah, you want the “2003 personal edition” or “8 corporate” ?

sun: I dunno.. Whichever one you think is better. Maybe you oughta just send over the complete 2004 juarez compilation cd like you usually do ;-)

T: That was my next question – that disc has gone to DVD! And is going to press this week, you want a copy?

Woah. I gotta remember to send this guy a bottle of Scotch one day.