Monday, June 07, 2004

Tree Hugger Alert

We received an email last week warning us to either work from home or exercise extreme caution when walking to the office this week. Why you may ask?

BIO 2004 is in town.

And in San Francisco, that means trouble. All the crazy militant tree huggers will be out in full force trying to disrupt the damn thing. Word on the street is this one's going to be huge too. Crazy militant tree huggers, supported by their inheiritances and trust funds, from all over the world will be flying in to wreak havoc. So I'm thinking, kewl, I wanna see some thugged out hippies harrassing some bigwig execs. That would be hella entertaining. I decided I would not work from home today.

So I'm walking to work, camera in hand ready to see some crazy shit go down. To my dismay, all I see is a bunch of snotty suits, police barricades, and buses full of riot control cops. Where the fuck are the tree huggers? Did they all party too hard last night? Are they still all hungover from all the granola bars, homemade beer, tree fucking? What the hell? I could've worked from home. Argh.

I did get to see this one milf correspondent from ABC (I don't know who she is but I'll post it if I find out) and she was smokin... While I slowed down to check out her ass she dropped something on the ground and bent over to pick it up. Me and about a dozen bio tech execs stood there drooling hoping to catch a glipse of a pink thong riding high on her hips but didn't see it.. Maybe she wasn't wearing panties. Who knows. Aww man... she was dope.


I just found out that the tree huggers are still hiding out and strategizing for tomorrow. Apparently tomorrow is when the real shit goes down:

San Francisco, California: SHUT-DOWN
Tuesday, June 8th 2004 6:30 am
Come to Market & Powell on the morning of June 8th at 6:30am to get an action orientation and to plug-in

On the first day of the G8 meetings in Georgia, thousands will pour into San Francisco's streets to SHUT-DOWN the biotech-pharmaceutical industry's annual gathering of corporate execs and lobbyists -- BIO 2004.

This event is in solidarity with actions at Georgia's G8, and in recognition of the fact that corporate powers -- like the bio-pharmaceutical lobby -- are the driving force behind the policies of the G8 that result in imperialist wars, environmental destruction, racial & economic oppression, and the hostile takeover of the Commons.

Wow... I can't wait to see some burnt out hippie losers throwing rocks at some pussy-ass profiteering gluttons... all from my comforts of my aero chair and pimped out cubicle with a view. I swear this is going to be like a good Monday Night Football game. Heehee.