Thursday, February 05, 2004

About me

So I'm sitting here waiting on this damn server to reboot... I figured that self-actualization is the first step.

- Indecisiveness is my biggest problem
- Slothfulness and propensity to procrastinate are not far behind
- I wish I possessed that same insatiable hunger for computers/systems knowledge as I did 8 years ago
- When I am 100% no one can stop me... no one
- Women have always caused my downfall
- If I didn't need a day job I'd become a professional gambler
- I'd die if sports didn't exist
- I'm a totally different person when I'm depressed
- I wish only I depended on myself
- Although I drink excessively at times I'm not an alcoholic... honestly
- My boss favors me for some reason
- I'm very unorganized
- I was a rabbit in my previous life
- I'm a good guy on the bad side
- Ignorant people piss me off
- I'm extremely wise for my age but I have a problem showing it
- I hate public speaking
- Age ain't nuthin but a number (just kidding)