Friday, February 27, 2004

Fuck Farmers

I'm having a horrible day. Let's see... the assholes at Farmers decide to cancel my car insurance because my payment was a couple days late. Maybe if you have a online payment system that actually worked my fuckin payment wouldn't have been late. Instead you force me to write fucking checks to you every month. It's the only bill I pay with a check and snail mail. How can you expect it to be on time. Fuck you Farmers. You're officially on my shit list and I'll be calling you to give you a piece of my mind soon. Eat a dick.

Too Funny

sun: just go home for awhile and lets take a nap
sun: i'll even keep my hands off u
HB: i don't think you can
HB: even from 2K miles away
HB: and being in the state that i'm in... i may even cave in
HB: ;-)