Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Right on the money, Wrong on the rest

Two days removed from the Tahoe trip and I think I've finally caught up on my sleep. Wednesday night we chilled at the house and played alot of madden, drank, and talked alot of smack. C had some unorthodox but effective skills but I topped in in 3 out of 5 games. Yes, and that includes one game where I reset after he was up 14-0. He could not stop the deep bomb to Driver and I had problems containing McNabb. We all ended up drinking until about 6am. Ouch. Funniest moment of the evening occurred when we were trying to use M's access key to get into her building's front door. The key was designed to be inserted into the receptacle but we could not for the life of us get it to grant us entry. Due to too much drink and the sexual nature of the task we began teasing the "hole" and stroking it in different ways. For the most part we were unsuccessful I did get her to comply once. Too bad the timing was all wrong (we were leaving at the time).

Thursday I ran a bunch of errands and we all ended up at the Thirsty Bear for tapas and some of their homegrown microbrew. P and M came through and we got lit at the restaurant and ended up back at the house for some more madden. I guess I just can't drink beer like I used to since I remember stumbling home.

Fri morning it was Tahoe time. We finally ended up leaving around 5:30 and made it to Heavenly around 10-10:30. The place looked deserted and all but two lifts were closed on the Nevada side. I'm sure it worse on the California side. We really didn't have much choice so we made the best of it. Everyone got pretty banged up since they never boarded/skied before. My bindings really pissed me off. I think the calibration is really fucked up. Back at the cabin we rented we drank some more and played cards. P and I got into it a little due to the fact I was over-anxious to get to the casino. I guess we just had different ideas on how the weekend should go. He wanted to party (booze.. and some other stuff) while I wanted to law low, drink moderately and gamble at the casino. My reasoning was we had to hit the slopes again in the morning and he felt that he should've gone to Htown instead if we weren't going to do shit. Oh well. Improper planning I guess. We finally ended up hitting the casino around 11pm and man.. it looked like a vegas fight night in there. I don't think I've ever seen so many beautiful women in a casino before.

Sat morning I woke up pretty agg'd since fools were sitting around watching MTV taking their sweet time. It was a beautiful day... possibly the best I've seen in awhile and I'm the only one rushing. I'm sure everyone was pretty annoyed with me. Oh well. Being in SF has really changed me. I think I'm a little too mission critical now and I find it harder to relax. I really need to work on this. That night K and I ended up getting into it because I was in a really bad mood. I swear when I have crap on my mind I'm really not a pleasant person to be around. Even my money doesn't want to be around me during times like this. I really didn't lose much but man I was grumpy afterwards. I really need to work on this too.

Sunday.. Super Sunday. After sitting around with C pondering every fucking detail about the big game we finally made it to the casino and dropped a few large bets. CAR +7.5 (bought a half point). We ended up watching the game back at the cabin. Lets just say I was more than stressed. At times I couldn't even watch the game. Instead I paced outside and kicked snow around. CAR ended up covering and we ended up getting dranked. I remember drinking yac straight out of the bottle after it was locked. C did too. We hit the casino again and I proceeded to win a couple more bills at the blackjack table (after losing a bill at the craps table). C didn't even make it to the sports book to collect his winnings. Ouch...Even if i yacked all over the truck and couldn't stand up (like C did) trust me I'd find a way to collect them dimes. All go tho I think he got paid finally the next morning. Whew.

The drive back Monday morning was rough. I was down on some ambien and kept having delusions that I was falling asleep and the truck was hydroplaning. Again, I was not pleasant person to be around. Relax man... please learn to relax. All is fine. That night we ate at Ace Wasabi, stopped by Blondies in the Mission, and finally ended up at TGE for a couple games of pool.

My writing really doesn't do the actual occurences any justice. I'm just too busy to focus on this and give it too much thought. Possibly I'll tweak this entry later. All good.

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