Monday, February 23, 2004

TV Hallucinations

The new TV is huge. Possibly a little too big for this tiny ass apartment. Regular standard direct tv just doesn't do it any justice. I'm seriously eyeing that HDTV receiver now but like I said previously it just isn't feasible. Until them I'm going to enjoy these dvds again. I'm sure viewing them on this system will result in a completely different experience. I do have one minor complaint about the TV: there's an extremely subtle static "tick" coming from it. It occurs every 3-5 mins randomly. It's so subtle that K doesn't even notice it. In fact she thinks I'm hallucinating. I'm positive I'm not... More on this later.

Go Rox

The Houston Rockets face their arch enemy, the bitch ass Spurs tomorrow. We desperately need this win to avoid getting swept. Come on Rox.. have a little pride and go ballz out tomorrow otherwise you must the fact you are the worst NBA team in Texas. Hopefully Dunc and the boys ate some of that bird flu chicken spreading in South Central Texas ;-)

Time Management

I have a serious problem with time management. It's something I've never been able to grasp even since I was a child. I spend too much time chatting with ppl online, staring at stupid websites, or just sitting anywhere doing absolutely nothing. The successful hacking of myself strongly depends on mastering this elusive skill. Somehow.. someway. Figure it out man...

Case Closed

I've always longed to close her. I've spent probably hundreds of hours, albeit enjoyable hours, trying. Now I forgot why I started in the first place. What was the original objective? Was it Obj #1:To get her in the sack or Obj #2: To make her fall hard for me? Was it both? I don't even remember anymore. Now, in an honest, unbiased examination, I've come to this realization that either objective is possible and each has been possible for quite some time... and is frankly, today's current reality. The first objective was achieved probably a year or two ago and she hinted it when she said what she said last year. I still didn't get it. Even after HTown I still didn't get it. Today it hit me in the side of the head.. its a done deal. It's there if you want it.. Do I stop here or continue to on to Obj #2?? Although my chance at attaining this goal is highly possible, our distance apart truly prevents it. Who knows what I'll do about it...

Runaway Jury

By the way, Runaway Jury is an awesome movie. It's truly John Grisham's best film adaptation yet. More later... when I learn how to properly and verbosely critique a movie.