Tuesday, February 17, 2004

V-Day 2004 Continued.

Last night I took K out to Cortez Restaurant (link), for a belated Valentine's Day dinner. She looked absolutely stunning in some nice tight pants and a slinky low-cut blouse. I looked pretty fucking sharp myself. The overall style of Cortez was fresh. It combined an elegant art deco decor with California-French cuisine on small tapas style plates. The clientele consisted of older business execs and their wives or secretaries. Not exactly the hippest crowd but hey it beats the cheesiness of a bunch of young couples celebrating v-day. The food was impressive, to me at least. My favorites were the Croque Madame and the Ahi and as for the wine... we had a bottle of Syrah, Neyers Napa, 2001. K for the most part enjoyed the meal but complained about a couple dishes being a little bland but then again she's a perfectionist when it comes to food. Overall I enjoyed getting drunk with my beautiful wife as we ate a wonderful meal. Back at the pad...

I turned on some sexy jams. Not you're typical romantic quiet storm type stuff... I try to be more innovative than that. I put on some sexy but more upbeat songs, danceable songs... you know: gentlemen's club songs. I pulled up a chair and she gave me about 6-7 freaky lapdances. hooo weee. The rest of the evening to the early morning was pretty xxx-rated and I'd prefer not to share it ;-) I remember waking up butt nekkid around 7am to savor a pint of gatorade in bed. That hit the spot. Don't forget to stretch next time before v-day sex.

Random Quickies

I've been making signficant strides in finishing up these two classes I've been taking. I'm actually on pace to complete one lesson per week in each class... and earn excellent grades as well. Very impressive. Keep it up.

Here's my fant fb keeper squad: QB TBrady, RB THenry, RB CDillon, WR CJohnson, WR HWard. I'm a little shaky at RB since Dillon's status is uncertain and theres rumors out of Buffalo that McGahee and THenry may split carries. Ouch. Most likely I draft the best available RB in next season's supplementary draft.

You know that scene in 25th Hour when the character played by Edward Norton goes into a restroom, sees "Fuck you" scribbled on the mirror. He proceeds to go off on everyone including his father, this gf and even his boys. Yeah I love that scene. I can totally relate to it. It makes me feel so good.