Monday, February 09, 2004

Free Flowin

So I'm sitting here dranking some sorry ass wine, Montepulaciano D' Abruzzo 2001 to be exact. I ain't no wine expert but daym this wine sux azz. Why do I judge any alcoholic beverage by the strength of buzz i brangs? Seriously tho it really tastes like a dirty wet towel dipped in two buck chuck.

Rockets are getting waxed as expected. Spurs defense got them on some serious lockdown. They can't get shots off no matter how much they swich the ball around. This feud between jvg and franchise must really be affecting their play. Fuck it... trade Stevie.. lil bitch h0e. Bring in someone with some nutz. This is really embarrassing. I'm gonna have to hear it from C tomorrow... again.

Why did I drink tonight? Because I was expecting a fucking phone call? Remember you were supposed to study?? Down by 11 shoulda bet the farm on SA. Fuck loyalty. Its all about paper son. Note to future self... if i really need a drink or two to feel smoother around her... take two shots ONCE she calls. Amen. She's got another dood (and god knows how many other chix) she's going to confide in first. She's human... and as much I wanna hit that... I'm married and she's a kewl ass friend. Ass is the key word. I love my wife. I miss my wife. Sux she's on the rag. hehehe.

Theres an avlimil commercial on. It's supposed to increase a woman's libido. Imma start dropping that in bitches drinks.. just kidding. Rox making a half-hearted comeback. brb.

Robert Horry u a bitch.