Monday, January 19, 2004

Another sucka bites the dust...

sucka: pacers vs spurs
me: who u like in pacers/spurs game?
me: line is IND -1
sucka: at ind/
me: jeah i think
sucka: spurs
me: aight u wanna bet?
sucka: they lost last 2
me: i'll take ind -1
sucka: what
sucka: ind is favored by 1
sucka: give me 2
sucka: u give me 2
me: u was on lockdown
sucka: we on for 20
sucka: nah, dood
me: i'll give u 1
me: why u trying to move the line?
sucka: 2, we on
sucka: dood, pacers at home
sucka: 1 aint shit
sucka: 2
me: so??
sucka: how much
me: spurs unfadable after a few losses?
sucka: BET
me: i'll take 1.5..
me: my final offer
me: compromise nuga
sucka: at home pacers only lost 4 games
sucka: 1st in eastern
sucka: aight, 1.5
sucka: bet
me: aight bet for dinner right?
me: includes dranks
sucka: BET
sucka: sure
sucka: dinner
me: BET
sucka: damn, j o'neal out w/ injury
sucka: that's fucked up
sucka: peep it
sucka: LOL
me: u think i'm sweatin?
sucka: u got suckered
sucka: yea
me: actually
me: true line is -2.5
me: :))
sucka: j oneal
sucka: 20.7 pts
sucka: 10.6 boards
sucka: all star
sucka: out w/ ankle sprain
me: hahaha
sucka: bitch
me: aight mayne gonna hit this meeting right quick
me: L8
sucka: u better come correct
sucka: 2.5
sucka: minimum
sucka: whutever, u ain't reputable
sucka: gambler
sucka: l8
sucka: laters

Final Score: IND 89 SA 79