Friday, January 02, 2004

Wed Dec 17

Wake up call was ineffective. Alarm too hard to set when shitfaced the night before. Result: Late to morning conferences. My boss had to call me up to wake me. Hoping no one would really notice if I snuck in 30 minutes late I didn't even bother to shower. I just threw on some clothes and ran over to the conference area. I was very hung over and dehydrated. Not suprisingly I wasn't the only trooper to creep in late. Some scrubs didn't even show up... hahaha. Nonetheless, it was very embarrassing. During lunch I managed to get a 20 minute nap and then used my samurai willpower to endure another 4 hours of boring ass presentations.

After all that bizness we all hopped on a bus drove deep into the desert to some big ass cowboy theme restaurant where they cut off your ties if you have one on. Cowboys in Arizona?? Kinda odd to me. The place was about the size of two Chuck-e-Cheeses and neckties hung from every inch of the ceiling. The steak was bland and the beverages were stale. Not really kewl.

Finally after all that mess we finally made it back to the hotel. Us troopers plan a clandestine mission despite the fact we're all exhausted. Mission for the evening: The Library Now that's what I'm talking bout. It's right off the ASU campus. There's actually books in there. But it's a bar... and best of all the all female bar and waitstaff all wear little schoolgirl outfits. whoa. jeah and I forgot.. they dance on the bar. Kewl ass spot. I remember one point in the evening sitting at the bar outdoors having a smoke and drinking a ketel one tonic. Baby Bash's Suga Suga comes on.. and the hotties all get on the bar and shake their stuff. I remember thinking for a second that this was the life as I bobbed my head... Good times mayne. I kick it with Eddie and find we're very similar... we both have problems partying too much and staying away from beautiful women. My new homie. If i can remember correctly some of us actually managed to call it a night pretty early (around 1am I think). Woowee.