Saturday, January 24, 2004

Madden 2004: Accurate tool for gamblers?

So I'm sitting around right now bored as hell. I don't feel like shooting pool or buying shit since I've gotta stack money for our trip to Tahoe next week. So what have I decided to do? I've devised a brilliant, part-nerd-part-degenerate idea to simulate the Super Bowl using Madden 04. Nice diversion huh? So far I've spent a few hours tweaking Carolina and New England player ratings and depth charts. Possibly more tweaks will be necessary if I notice anomalies. Well have to see. Below are notes and observations:

**stuff removed for brevity**

I orginally had a drive by drive breakdown here but I started noticing the simular patterns.

Pattern 1: NE covers (4 out of 5 times)
Pattern 2: CAR scores first (4 of 5 times)
Pattern 3: MMuhammad keeps getting shut down
Pattern 4: Brady is en fuego in 2nd half of sims
Pattern 5: SSmith scores first TD of the game (3 out of 5 times)

I'm going to make a few tweaks over the next few days and run more sims.