Thursday, January 22, 2004

Buffets aren't just for food

Must've been nice to be a dictator back in the day...

Maharaja Bhupendra Singh of Patiala (1670-1733)—365 wives
Once said, "wine, fish, meat, alcohol and plenty of sex was good for the soul." A toweringly handsome Sikh with a colorful personality, he was famed for his sexual prowess and appetite and forever on the lookout for pretty women, even going so far as to kidnap them when they refused his overtures. Every evening he would light 365 lanterns around his palace, each with the name of one of his wives inscribed on it. The wife whose lamp went out first would be his for the night. For leap years, he'd take the night off.

I wouldn't bother with all this lantern business though. Lighting that many lanterns would be a royal pain in the ass. I'd just have all of them in a big room dancing around, kind of like they do in soul train except there wouldn't be any doods. Instead, it would be just women I've hand picked over the years dressed in lingerie or sexy gowns trying to seduce me with their grinding movements. I'd simply walk around and grab 1-3 that appealed to me each night and take them to where the magic happens. hahaha. Jeah I'm a pig.

Lame evening out

Yesterday we met up at Jillians for some drinks and pool. I was in an especially good mood during the walk over there but that soon changed. My 9-ball game was off early and found myself racking a lot more than usual. I'm convinced Jillians has the worst crowd out of any large bar/restaurant hangout in the city. Other than one latina with a killer bod, the rest were either recent fortysomething divorcees or 17 yr olds in need of supervision. Plus, my homies M, F, and J aren't really fun to hang out with unless they're doing shots or something. I shoulda stayed home.

Seduction, desire, and a LAL +13

Ok... she's back. Either she's not getting enough action at home or she finds me totally irresistable. I have no idea. All I know is I have never had this much fun playing games with a woman/girl in my life especially over such a long period of time. It's a game of cat and mouse or as she likes to call it 'When Harry met Sally' (Yeah I don't understand either). The game brings both mental and sexual energy into my life (like I need more of that). I know it does the same for her. She's not exactly your typical object of desire. To a casual observer seeing her for the first time she would probably be rated a 6 or 7. She's not exactly sultry and even acts tom-boyish (but I know this is only in public). However, she's extremely seductive and has this well-practiced ability to communicate with your subconscious. With a mastery of human psychology, a cute face, and a nice rack in her arsenal... she's lots of fun.

I think we both realize we musn't cross the line again. First of all, this is too much fun. Why in the hell would we want this fun to cease? O jeah.. and I suppose real life feelings could get affected too (not mine.. no way).