Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Drunk Study

So I'm laying in bed trying to doze off after re-reading some chapter on the Phillips Curve and it's relation to the phenomenon of stagflation. I have no idea why I can't sleep, considering I just read the driest, most uninteresting chapter in the book...

Suddenly, the idea of studying drunk pops into my head (maybe because I'd rather be drinking instead of studying? I don't know). Anyways, I get to thinking about the movie Better Luck Tomorrow. Didn't those honor society kids in that movie get totally shitfaced during some of their study sessions? Didn't their nerd-leader claim that if they learned the material when they were drunk they'd know it in even deeper depth when they were sober? Could the alcohol-induced brain function like arms with those wrist weights on it, that when the weights were removed the arms felt stronger? Could there possibly be any truth to this? I must find out because if there was, I'd love to use this method of study. Shit, I'd experiment and find out for myself but due to certain time constraints I really couldn't afford to be wrong right now.

I figured a simple google search would give me a quick answer. Besides, I couldn't sleep anyways.

So sneak out of bed, walk over to the Thinkpad and perform searches on "studying drunk", "drunk study", and "studying intoxicated" and all I get is porn sites about Drunk College Slut Fucked During Study Session type hits. I'm mean, I like porn and all but damn... I really needed a serious answer.

That sux. I'm going back to bed.