Saturday, May 15, 2004

Hustler on the Rise

After gluttonously devouring the wings and beer K suggests we go shoot some pool. I'm thinking hmm strange... since she rarely enjoys playing pool with me because I get immensely serious around a pool table. I happily oblige and we end up at TGE. I swear, I've been spending a lot of time in there lately.

An hour into a few games of 8-ball and after two or three Becks, I really start to find my stroke. I'm sinking everything, even difficult shots. I'm getting good shape on the the next ball. Banks shots are on. I make shots while winking at my wife. She's getting turned on. My level of confidence is at a momentous peak. I'm in that elusive yet almighty zone. Man, it feels good. I do my imitation of Tom Cruise in The Color of Money, strutting around, swinging my cue as if it's a sword and I'm a muthafuckin' samurai. I even manage to get funny glances from players on surrounding tables. Ha.

Yeah, I guess my game has really improved.

O jeah.. as you could probably tell from the the two most recent posts. I didn't follow through on my promise to quit drinking until exams were finished. Sorry... but I have cut down considerably.